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Welcome to my New Millennium Calendar Sales. Brought to you from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida; A group of assorted Homo Sapien peoples located in the Western hemisphere of a small blue planet called Earth, in a once very popular country, but which is now not so much anymore ... what's up with that?

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I was born the younger of two siblings in 1953. On February 22 in Martinsville, VA. I suppose we were a Middle Class family, but not like you would see today. My Dad worked at least two jobs, and I remember my Mom going to work when I was around 4-5 years old. My Sister, Vicki and I even had a Nanny during that time. I don't remember it lasting though. My parents divorced in 1960 and my Mom, Sister & I moved to Florida, about 20 miles from where I live now.

I am a Pisces, left-handed and right-brained. I should have grown up to join the space program, but got distracted by the 60's, Vietnam and mini-skirts... I believe, though, that space travel is possibly the greatest achievement of the human kind. That along with the Blues, Rock-n-Roll & progressive Jazz !!!

Early Years:

It was my Dad, who I remember, was the person who jump-started my interest in drawing when he showed me a simple way to draw a biplane as viewed from the front. It is one of my earliest memories, and undoubtedly pushed me into that direction in life. My Mother's Sister, Aileen was a real artist already, and she later became a long-distance mentor to me, offering encouragement and sometimes praise.

Moving to Florida with its white sands and the emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico was a stark contrast to Virginia's mountain lakes and forests. Also it doesn't snow here in Florida. I loved it! Ironically, my Dad again was the influence for my love of the beach and being on the water. He had bought a boat one summer, and we were up on the lake enough for me to remember how much fun I had, and the marvel I felt exploring along the water's edge whenever we stopped to picnic. It is no wonder that my now single Mom found it constructive to use my beach privileges as incentive, deterrent and punishment in shaping my manners and behaviour. Aside from drawing and getting wet, it was the usual young boy stuff. Bicycles and BB guns, climbing trees and exploring the woods. Marbles, baseball cards and comic books. Model cars, jets, rockets and monsters. Rat Fink, Hula Hoops and Captain Kangeroo.

Eventually my Mom was able to save up enough to put up a down payment on a house of our own. I was still drawing whenever I wasn't goofing off or doing classwork/homework, though I didn't abstain from finding opportunities anywhere I could find paper, pen or pencil. In the 4th grade, the movie, "The Pink Panther" was released. For some reason I got this urge to learn to draw the thing. Next thing I know I'm drawing pink panthers, purple panthers, green panthers, sparkly panthers, and on and on. And my classmates are buying these pictures from me for a quarter each! Of course I got caught by the teacher, and my company was shut down. However, Mrs. DuBois saw I still had a couple of pictures left and she took charge of them. She noted they would not be destroyed, but would be kept for Posterity's sake. Then she paid me for them...

When I was twelve, my Mom remarried. My stepdad was in the Air Force. Not surprising since where we lived, nearby Eglin AFB was, at the time, the largest Strategic air base in the military. It was the home for a fleet of B-52 nuclear bombers, as well as a proving ground for ordinance development & testing. On the single's circuit back when my Mom was single, it was hard to meet a single guy who wasn't in the service.

Later Years:




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